Tackling plastic pollution

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Why should we care?

Global production of plastics is rising.

192 coastal countries like the UK, generated 275 million metric tons of plastic waste and between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons of it ended up in the seas.

It is estimated that if we don’t do something about this by 2025 the plastic waste entering the seas from land will increase to such an extent that there will be 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish.

There is concern not only about plastic bags and packaging, fishing nets and plastic bottles but also the micro plastics found in products like toothpaste, skin cleansers, shampoos and fibres from synthetic fabrics.

Plastics will be affecting the marine eco-sytems around Loch Sunart, the Sound of Mull and the seas surrounding the Small Isles.  Many marine species have been reported to ingest and/or become entangled by plastic.

The effects can be fatal but also affect their ability to catch and digest food, escape from predators, maintain body condition and migrate. Plastics contain chemicals and toxins which accumulate at all levels of the food chain.

Everyone can do a little to help by getting involved in organised beach clean ups and by reducing the amount of products they buy that are wrapped in plastic.

We would love to see you on one of the beach clean and to invite you to join CAOLAS as a member.

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