Illustrated Maritime Archaeology Talk

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Maritime Archaeology and the Submerged Cultural Heritage in the Sound of Mull.

There is a great deal of man-made items beneath our waters. Discover some of the submerged cultural heritage in an illustrated talk from CAOALS trustee, Annabel Lawrence.

Annabel Williams, COALAS committee member, UHI lecturer and Maritime Archaeologist, is giving a series of talks across the region over the coming months.

This is an opportunity to hear about, and see images of, the fascinating maritime structures that adorn the bed of the Sound of Mull – some of which are protected while at others visitors are welcomed with trails.

The first of these talks will be at Kilchoan Learning Centre on May 23rd at 19:00. Please help us promote this to visitors to the area as they are welcome as much as residents are.

The second talk is to be held on September 27th in Strontian at the Sunart Centre. This will be from 7pm to, approximately, 9pm and is to be held in the Community Room.

‚ÄčAdmission is ¬£3 per adult and ¬£1 per child.

Further dates for repeating the talk in Loch Aline will be announced in the near future.

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