Scottish Government launch ‘The Environment Strategy for Scotland’

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Scottish Government logo

On Tuesday 25th February 2020, the Scottish Government published the new Environment Strategy for Scotland – along with its long-term vision and supporting outcomes.

It is expected that by 2045 the strategy will have helped transform Scotland by securing the well-being of the environment and biodiversity by restoring nature and, optimistically, ending, but not reversing, Scotland’s contribution to climate change.

If you would like to read the strategy document, please follow this link to the Scottish Government website page.

Logo for the Scottish Government's Environment Strategy for Scotland 2020

The government has also announced that it will seek to establish a new ‘environment watchdog’ in Scotland to oversee compliance with environmental law and the Scottish Government’s commitment to embedding essential European environmental principles in Scots law.

It obviously remains to be seen as to how effective this watchdog will be, how it will respond to reports of transgressions and how these will be ‘policed’. It is only the fear of getting caught that will deter larger organisations from breaking the law and encourage them to comply and do more to conserve the natural habitats we, and they, rely upon.

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