CAOLAS film night and AGM

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Our Seas belong to all of us

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting alongside a film night on Wednesday 25th November 2020 commencing at 19:30. This year it will be held online so you can join us from the comfort of your own home wherever you may be an no matter how bad the weather.

Details of how to join us are below the agenda, or you can just click the button below.


19:30 Welcome

  1. Introduction to the new CAOLAS website and promotional video
  2. Annual General Meeting
    1. Welcome
    2. Chair’s report
    3. Annual accounts (click here to download the annual report and financial statement)
    4. Election of Directors/Trustees*
  3. Invitation to watch the Open Seas Coalition short film, ‘The Limit’

20:00 Ours Seas coalition short film, ‘The Limit’

Our Seas belong to all of us

20:35 Discussion

Following the film, you will be able to rejoin the meeting using the same Zoom link for a discussion of the issues raised in the film.

  • The maximum number of charity trustees is 10.
  • The current trustees retire at the AGM in line with the CAOLAS constitution but are eligible for re-election.
  • Current Trustees (6):
    • Annabel Lawrence (Chair)
    • Alasdair Firth
    • Dr. Mark Woombs
    • Karl Bungey
    • Laura Harvey
    • Andy Jackson
  • New trustees are welcome and nominations should be sent to

Instructions for joining

This year we will be hosting the evening online principally through Zoom. Clicking the buttons above will take you to the Zoom website where you should click the ‘Launch meeting button’. If you have the Zoom software already installed, please use that for the best experience.

Some of you may experience an issue where Zoom requires a meeting ID and password to ket you in – if that is you, then the information is as follows; Meeting ID: 768 1758 2988. Passcode: 3hH2xz

Otherwise, cancel the pop up (unless you want to instal the software) and look for the following: “Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from your browser” and click on that. This will use the internet browser already installed on your computer to join the meeting.

If it does not work in your browser, please try an alternative. We have found Chrome and Firefox to be the most reliable.

Once into the meeting, please make sure you mute your microphone (usually a microphone icon in the lower left corner) unless you are invited to speak. This will help ensure that everyone can hear whomever is speaking and that any background noise at your end does not interrupt and mute the person speaking. If you wish to say something, please find the ‘Raise your hand’ button and use this or enter your question/comment in the ‘Chat’. Someone will be monitoring these throughout the evening although may hold your question until a later point in the meeting.

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