Prickly customers – your online guide to echinoderms!

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Sea urchin in Loch Sunart

Lancashire Marine Conservation Society (MCS) will be hosting an online talk a week today about echinoderms and our very own marine biologist, Mark Woombs, will be leading the talk.

What’s an echinoderm, I hear you ask?

Without wanting to give too much away and steal Mark’s thunder, they are the spiny skinned animals of the sea such as starfish, sea urchins, brittlestars, feather stars and sea cucumbers. If you know what some of these are, you are doing well. But did you know they are extremely complex creatures, yet they don’t have a heart or blood? Or that they can regenerate lost limbs and have tiny feet all over their arms?

If not you can hear more about these amazing facts, and loads more, during a 40 minute (approx) talk that will be held online via Zoom on Wednesday 2nd December at 19:30.

This is being hosted by the Lancashire MCS (not CAOLAS), so please contact the organiser direct if you would like to attend. There is a limit on the number of participants – so please book early by emailing Barry at Lancashire MCS. Please do let him know if you are subsequently unable to attend so your place can be opened up to others who are interested.

If you have previously attended one of Mark’s talks or one of our shoreline surveys, you will know that his knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to explain baffling scientific nomenclature in ways that make it easy to remember are really rather good. He also makes these talks interesting and memorable with stories and anecdotes from his many years diving and surveying these waters.

It will be an enjoyable and informative talk for sure – just remember to contact Lancashire Marine Conservation Society to reserve your space in plenty of time.

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